Where Did Radiohead Get Their Name

Where Did Radiohead Get Their Name. And also because these five lads from Oxford—that is. He met the future members of Radiohead – Colin and Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway – at the Abingdon public school in Oxford.

Where Did Radiohead Get Their Name
Guitarist Ed O'Brien: Radiohead left “Lift” off “OK … (Daniel Flowers)

Well take this amazing quiz and find out just how much you REALLY know, fool! He trotted about for a while dancing with the radio on his head, before he died of asphyxiation and blood loss. The origins of band names are often fascinating, and many of them come from movie titles or elements of movies.

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Venturing into a less radio-friendly territory, Radiohead was now far from their Brit-pop beginnings, taking more influence from avant-garde composers such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Olivier Messiaen.

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How can you discount where their attachment to the music comes from? But where did they get it? One of the strongest grips music has on people is that memories can get attached to it Can you give me and idea of how you first got into Radiohead?

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