Is Painting A Dying Art

Is Painting A Dying Art. Poetry is an art form like music, dance, painting, literature, sculpting or drawing. The term 'dying art' usually refers to some craft, a skill or some human activity that has become or is becoming obsolete – not 'Art' as executed by anybody When the camera was invented there was a lot of discussion about painting becoming a dead art form.

Is Painting A Dying Art
Romeo and Juliet by EJP2007 on DeviantArt (Miguel Ingram)

Check out inspiring examples of dying artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. For instance, in a painting of a traditional Indian wedding, the daughter is shown traveling from her parent's house to her new husband's home in a 'Doli' or palanquin. Earlier people used to narrate stories and histoory in this painting form.

And there was a discussion about whether or.

Many of his paintings are set against a strong He was one of the most prominent representatives of the Russian art nouveau movement and often daubed his canvases with images from his nightmares.

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ARTS There many arts in the world, but the most popular are: literature, music, theatre, cinema and others. Other artists like working with pencil or chalk. If you were to attend a traditional art school, you would spend a year or two learning to draw before you touched paint.

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