Vladimir Putin Palace Inside

Vladimir Putin Palace Inside. 1 a drone photo of the palace, which sits some 18 kilometers down the coast from the popular russian holiday town of gelendzhik. Putin's controversial $1.4 billion black sea coastal palace may have people raising eyebrows, but what's inside is undoubtedly luxurious.

Vladimir Putin Palace Inside
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Vladimir putin has responded furiously to a video created by political opponent alexei navalny, alleging that the russian president owns a huge £1billion mansion in the black sea. The population of russia is 140+ millions. Vladimir putin depicted as louis xiv in the youtube video putin's palace.

But did you know that during his first term as president, he began construction on a secret palace — to catch a bit of rest away from the 20 or so other residences he has access to — that would eventually end up costing a reported $1 billion?

For more like content like the inside of putin's palace, a $1 billion secret mansion be sure to subscribe to the channel. .russian president vladimir putin of building a private palace with $1 billion raised through of vladimir putin, accused the russian president of building a secret $1 billion coastal palace funded it's like a separate state inside of russia, navalny said. The russian newspaper sobesednik has published a new report on another luxury residence supposedly linked to russian president vladimir putin. Here's what's inside his secret 'new versailles'.

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