Senate Impeachment Trial Schedule

Senate Impeachment Trial Schedule. The senate debate that started early tuesday afternoon lasted into early wednesday The senate agreed and said the trial would not take place after friday at 5 p.m.

Senate Impeachment Trial Schedule
Here's the schedule for Trump's Senate impeachment trial … from

Day 5 of former president trump's impeachment trial for incitement of insurrection continued following a lengthy quorum call to… Everything you need to know to watch or stream the senate impeachment trial of president trump. The house impeached trump on jan.

And it could be one phone call that brings down the us president.

Under the timeline outlined by senator chuck schumer 01:40 of video the house will deliver the article of impeachment monday evening january 25th. Why the trial could last weeks. President trump's defence team for his impeachment trial, which will begin in earnest next week. What is the schedule for trump's impeachment trial?