Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. (cnn) here is a look at the life of harry reid, former senate majority leader and retired us senator from nevada. The bundy ranch villain and traitor, former senate majority leader harry reid, is going to join john mccain and george bush sr.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Time To End The Filibuster? Former Senate Majority Leader … from

There's something going on with harry reid's mental. Reid kept word of his diagnosis very reid's doctors were able to detect the cancer early during a routine screening, reid's family said in a statement. Senators who have long advocated for more action on climate change have taken reid's recent rhetoric as a positive sign.

Harry reid made the astonishing claim in the new documentary 'the phenomenon' which is directed by james fox.

In his statement, majority leader reid indicated that the farm bill is on his top priority list, and he called on. With senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's help, president trump has appointed federal judges at about twice the rate of his three predecessors, notes the washington examiner's editorial board. But mr reid, who mustered huge democratic turnout, overwhelming support from nevada hispanics and a barrage of television. Reid served in the senate from 1987 to 2017.