Senator Leahy Batman

Senator Leahy Batman. Yes, dear reader, you read that right: Since 1995, leahy has made periodic appearances in the batman universe, in major flicks, in the animated series, and in the introduction to comics anthologies.

Senator Leahy Batman
Patrick Leahy Batman Forever : Sen. Leahy's 'Batman v … from

The senator from vermont has had ties to most batman film projects over the last three decades. 1997 batman & robin senator patrick leahy (as senator patrick leahy). Patrick leahy is the senator gotham deserves.

Senate at a time of heightened security.

Patrick leahy grew up in montpelier vermont. While in batman v superman, leahy played the part of senator purrington. Patrick leahy tells heath ledger's joker that he won't be intimidated by thugs in the dark knight. senator patrick leahy has appeared in five batman movies. Senator patrick leahy is a democrat from vermont and has been in public office since 1975.