What Are The Different Styles Of Art Painting

What Are The Different Styles Of Art Painting. Performance Art – Peformance Art is where the artwork takes the form of actions performed by the artist/s or approved performers briefed by the artist. The 'Wiki-people' defines the art of painting as “the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface” Well, how can anyone make that any simpler!

What Are The Different Styles Of Art Painting
Artificially intelligent painters invent new styles of art … (Alma Aguilar)

Or do you think it is just a silly question which. If you want to paint or draw, but you need some ideas and inspiration, remember that subjects in art can be anything you want them to be – whatever your imagination. It was in Ancient Greece where the division emerged between the high arts, created to be appreciated with the eyes and ears, and lesser.

Key Difference: Paintings have a special place in fine arts.

Types of Paintings : Painting is the art of splashing colours with the help of brushes in a certain way to create an art.

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These are just a few styles of common art that we usually see in our daily life. STYLES: abstract – the art consists of colour and shape to represent emotion. the painting wasn't to what is would appear to be in real life. Achieving an understanding of contemporary art requires the study of many theories that have been presented over approximately six decades of art.

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