Can Google Identify Paintings

Can Google Identify Paintings. Next up, identify the style of painting followed. I'm trying to take a picture and search it on google to identify what it is.

Can Google Identify Paintings
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Google can be used to do various amazing things like doing calculations, seeing weather reports, making currency conversions and much more. The right name could make all the difference at auction, but just how do you find out who painted your item—and were they famous? Point your camera at the flower or item that you want to.

Google Lens is a tool that uses image recognition to help you navigate the real world through Google Assistant.

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Whether it's abstract and modern or rather traditional. As per the report, there are recent apps that museum goers can use like Smartify, which uses an educational approach; and Google Lens, which has the same. When you submit photos of the entire piece, remember to take a picture of the back of the frame, and a close-up of the signature.

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