Is Ok Computer A Concept Album

Is Ok Computer A Concept Album. And it's a bittersweet album to me, as I vehemently dislike everything else the band has done after this. OK Computer was the original title for the song Palo Alto, which had been considered for inclusion on the album, and, although the song was abandoned.

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The album still packs a disturbing, electrifying. It's influences seemed to come from the future and not the past. OK Computer is propelled by contrast, a point illustrated by its songs' dueling guitars and synths, as well as the first few notes of the album: the A decade after its release, OK Computer's influence can be heard in countless acts on both sides of pond.

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The UK's were OK but there were songs that had distortion such as the chorus and the higher pitch guitars on Subterranean Homesick Alien and Lucky sounded like if it wasn't mastered properly.

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Far fewer people, however, would actually say what concept the album is built around. OK Computer never stopped sounding timeless. At a time when they could have played it safe, selling their psychedelic souls for more radio-friendly rock & roll, Radio-head have released a concept album whose theme — based on.

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